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I focus heavily on conversion rates. What's the point of being on top of Google if your phone isn't ringing? Let's increase sales.


Success in search is dependent on the findings, reading and evaluation of site content. We'll target profitable keywords

video calls

You will receive monthly video calls on what has been done and is upcoming - I will not leave my clients in the dark

What is SEO? – Simply put, search engine optimization is the process of implementing both internal and external practices to your website to increase the organic search engine traffic to your pages.

What is on page SEO? – On page SEO is the process of tailoring meta data information, media, website code, and user-friendly content for search engines and your visitors.

Why is it so important? – You could have the best content for your business niche, but if your on page SEO is not optimized for those keywords, you will never rank on search engines.

How long does it take to see results? – This answer is dependent on the keywords that we will want to target and your current site standing. If you have low-competition keywords and high quality content, on page optimization can generate fairly quick results but if your keywords are competitive and you have poor to no content? The process can take a year or longer.


how the process works

Phase one: research & analysis

We’ll discuss your campaign objectives, goals, identify your main competitors, focus points, and prepare for the campaign in its entirety. Once info is gathered, I can plan out the projects’ direction with purpose.

Phase two: on-page optimization

Planning out and restructuring your site, based upon competitor analysis and keyword research. A large part of this is based around reverse engineering to understand what is working in your business space.

phase three: off-page optimization

Reverse engineering competitive data and identifying off-page opportunities [link building]. Creating content and performing outreach to sites of strong relevance. Tracking and measuring off-page performance inline with keywords.

phase four: content

Identify key content marketing opportunities, based upon keyword research and assessing competitor data. Setting Q&A sessions with you as the client to retrieve information that’s rich in value. Content is all done properly.

monthly reporting

You will receive easy to understand reporting every month – which include:

  • Keyword performance reports
  • Work summary sheets that outline work performed each month
  • Google Analytics dashboard that shows your site performance in a digestible manner

My reporting has a strong emphasis on conversions (generated sales & inquiries by search traffic). I don’t provide clients reports full of random lines and bullshit that doesn’t matter. You will know with certainty how the SEO campaign is performing and ROI based upon actual earnings.

before you call me

I am only interested in working with business owners that:

  • Understand that SEO takes times, if you want immediate results then SEO may not be the right marketing route for you to take – consider Google Ads.
  • Understand that an SEO campaign is a joint effort. I will need to understand everything that there is to know about your business so I can better focus my efforts in the profitable areas of your space. You as the business owner understand your space better than an outsider looking in, so please don’t call if you only want to pay a fee and do nothing on your end – it’ll be a waste of time for both.
  • Aren’t just looking to get results by next Friday evening
  • Understand that SEO is an investment and will pay for itself many times over for years to come if you’re patient and play the long game. 

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