Why is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

SEO helps create a user-friendly website, target your audience and build your business brand. The first step is to understand your market’s interests and behavior. As with any business, targeting your audience is the life-blood of marketing. You can have great website content but if it’s not being presented to your intended audience, it’s pretty much crap.


When you search for anything on Google, most of the time which results are that you perceive as the most relevant to your search? Yup, the first page results. Out of billions of monthly searches, over 90% only view the 1st page for their answers (does anyone actually click on the 2nd page? 🧐) That’s not to say that other search engines don’t help a business’ visibility, they do – but Google owns over 90% of the search market, so our primary focus should definitely be Google.


It is safe to say that increasing your ranking to the 1st page can be life-altering to a business, therefore being highly visible as a trusted resource by Google will always work in a business’s favor. Aside from SEO, the quality of your website also contributes to the overall message and results of your business because what if your site sees an increase in traffic but your website is 💩? It won’t matter because the entire point of this is to convert visitors into customers.


Safe SEO provides an amazing return on investment if you have a healthy budget and an on-going process. One must understand that you can’t set unrealistic expectations. You can’t simply outrank a strong competitor in less than 3 months if they have been working on their SEO strategy for years – budget 6 to 12 months of SEO, otherwise you will simply be disappointed. SEO is a long-game and it’s a game that you can definitely win and outrank your current competitors. 


If you just set out to start going to the gym, do you expect to be stronger than the guy that has been consistently doing well-structured workouts and going for the past 2 years? Nope, right? Now, can you get stronger than the guy that has also been going consistently but doing shit workouts with bad form? Yes, you can quickly surpass him. I say that to say this; every campaign is different – if you show up and workout with great form (Good SEO), you WILL see positive results.

Investing in SEO is an investment for the future of your business. As mentioned, SEO is a long-term strategy and it shouldn’t be seen as an instant solution to generating sales, although depending on your current site standing & competitors – it can have quick results.


Let’s be honest, the main point of SEO from a business standpoint is to increase sales. Strategizing a unique approach for your industry with proper implementation will help your business appear on top of results and more frequently on relevant searches. The more times a customer sees your name appear, the more the user associates your business as relevant to their needs and also associates it as more trustworthy. Increasing brand awareness will simultaneously increase your conversion rates, which in turn means more revenue for your business.

There is really no reason why a business owner shouldn’t implement an SEO marketing strategy – every successful business is working with some type of SEO service and you should too.

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